Wow. Can’t believe I haven’t posted more this month. I feel like a huge slacker! I’ve been super busy at work and home, and there honestly hasn’t been much new to post on the writing or agent front. No excuse, but I will try and do better! I DID email Ginger a couple days ago and she apologized profusely for the delay but she’s been very busy and she said she would get her revision suggestions to me in the next 2-3 weeks. So hopefully I will have those to focus on soon.

I must confess that in the little down-time I’ve had lately I’ve been playing City of Heroes with my good friend Ryan. Having tons of fun although my playing time has declined the last week or so. Not surprising. I generally play a MMORPG feverishly for a couple/few weeks and then slow down to more sane levels. *grin* Which is a good thing because the writing bug is hitting me big-time and I will be picking up on one project or another soon. Unless of course those revisions come in sooner than expected. *crosses fingers*

At any rate, hope everyone else is doing great!!!


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