I Rant, Therefore I Am…

Er, what I mean to say is Thursday’s rant apparently gave a karmic push to the PO (*snicker*), because I got home Friday to the agency agreement in my mailbox. Yay! I re-read it last night, signed it, and then filled out the author info sheet included with it (basically just a list of contact information and my SSN, next of kin, etc.). So Monday I will copy both docs (cause I’m anal like that, comes from working in a law firm) and then mail them back to Curtis Brown. And once it’s been counter-signed, it will feel even more official to me.

Oh yeah, and when my lovely agent sends her revisions letter, I’m sure it will feel all-too-real. Though I am actually looking forward to it because I really want to make this manuscript as absolutely strong as it can be.

Here’s hoping the publishing gods are kind! 😉


5 responses to “I Rant, Therefore I Am…

  1. That’s so incredibly awesome! And I’d feel the exact same way about the revision letter. If I ever get an agent, I hope it’s someone who will provide feedback like yours is doing. It’d make me feel much more confident when sending the manuscript off to editors.
    Congrats and good luck!

    • *dances* Thank you! And just keep on keeping on and you’ll get an agent! And yes, I definitely wanted an agent who would help me polish my manuscript. We just get too close to our own stuff.
      Thanks again!