Oh Agency Agreement, Agency Agreement, Wherefore Art Thou?

Severely irritated with the Post Office right now. No wonder so many people use UPS and FedEx. *grumblegrumble* It’s been at least a week since my agent (*tiny squee*) put the agreement in the mail and it’s still not here. I mean, I know she’s located in new York and I’m in Missouri, but it’s not like she’s sending something from Siberia! Or Italy, where she actually is visiting right now for the Bologna Children’s Book Fair.

Hrmph. I just want to sign the agreement so it feels even more official, so I probably sound silly and grumpy. Oh well.

Hoping to work some more on the synopsis tonight, but depends on how I feel. Allergies are kicking my butt again. *sigh*


11 responses to “Oh Agency Agreement, Agency Agreement, Wherefore Art Thou?

  1. Hee, I think it depends on where you live. My USPS is awesome and full of win. My UPS is hit or miss, depending on which guy is driving the truck. FedEx, though? ALWAYS FULL OF FAIL.

  2. So YOUR AGENT is in Italy? Kasey i am soo happy for you and if you could see me now you would see the green tint of my nose. It will come to you.
    I am sure