Quickie Update…

I eked out a few hundred words in Dreamshaper last night. Not overly impressive, but better than nothing!

I am about halfway through Kelley Armstrong’s third Women of the Otherworld series, Dime Store Magic, and really enjoying the series. It was a bit touch and go through the first few chapters of the first book, Bitten (holy infodumps, Batman), but I’m very glad I stuck with it. I really enjoyed the characters and story and thought that the second book was even better. Although on the downside, Stolen did freak me out a bit due to some similar plot threads to Red Hot Fury, but of course, her execution was a lot different than mine. And considering that my agent had compared my writing to KA’s (in style and tone, I believe) and had already read some of her work, and still signed me for RHF, obviously she’s not concerned about any similarities so I shouldn’t be either.

But alas, writers, we angst! If not about this, then about that! 😉

Still Alive…

Just a quick post to say I’m still alive. I just haven’t had much to report since husband has been out of town since Sunday (he just got back at 12:30 this morning!) so I’ve been scurrying around taking care of son in the evenings, and then too tired after he goes to bed to do much writing or anything. A poor excuse, I know, but it’s the one I have! =)

I’m just waiting patiently for my revision letter from my agent and dipping my feet back into my Dreamshaper project. I finished the synopsis for RHF’s potential sequel and may write a chapter or two at some point, but I really do want to start cranking out an unrelated project just to have yet another to offer when Ginger’s ready to look at other things.

And now, it’s time to head home!

I Rant, Therefore I Am…

Er, what I mean to say is Thursday’s rant apparently gave a karmic push to the PO (*snicker*), because I got home Friday to the agency agreement in my mailbox. Yay! I re-read it last night, signed it, and then filled out the author info sheet included with it (basically just a list of contact information and my SSN, next of kin, etc.). So Monday I will copy both docs (cause I’m anal like that, comes from working in a law firm) and then mail them back to Curtis Brown. And once it’s been counter-signed, it will feel even more official to me.

Oh yeah, and when my lovely agent sends her revisions letter, I’m sure it will feel all-too-real. Though I am actually looking forward to it because I really want to make this manuscript as absolutely strong as it can be.

Here’s hoping the publishing gods are kind! 😉