Very Exciting Announcement…

I am beyond thrilled to announce that I have accepted an offer of representation from literary agent Ginger Clark with the Curtis Brown Literary Agency. Ginger represents a fantastic roster of clients who write in my genre (as well as others) and I am absolutely awed to be in their company. She’s an amazing agent and I know that both my manuscript and I will be in terrific hands.

Can I just let out one little squee, please? Squee!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me and commiserated with me during my agent search. I won’t forget it!


41 responses to “Very Exciting Announcement…

    • Thank you! That’s awesome. I hope to make it to a conference or convention soon…Life keeps getting in the way every time I plan to! =)

  1. Congrats! I’ve only dealt with her re. a partial request but she was perfectly lovely and I’ve heard great things about her 🙂

    • Thank you very much! =)
      P.S. I’m not the only one who thought Bologna might be in Germany. LOL. Someone else made the same comment and helped me feel not so stupid. 😉

    • Well, see, I have to at least PRETEND to work when I’m at the day job…In fact, usually I have to do a lot more than pretend. 😉

    • Re: You’re off and rolling!
      Thank you, Rinda. And congratulations again on your own good news! Which reminds me, I should probably shoot a letter to Miriam asking her to withdraw my partial from consideration just in case she hasn’t gotten to it yet…That way she doesn’t have to waste her time on it. I almost forgot I had sent that to her some time ago and haven’t heard back yet.
      Okay, enough rambling on my part!

  2. You’re off and rolling!
    I had to do that with a couple myself. Didn’t contact the ones with only queries, though.
    It’s a good feeling–knowing the agent search is over. Very good. I’m toasting to you. Cheers!!