Hoping No News is Good News…

Or something like that. =) Hopefully true good news will start rolling in soon. You know, in the form of further partial requests, full requests, and/or offers of representation. Must think positive! I am trying out a new paranormal author whose book I picked up from the little convenience shop in the lobby of the building where I work. Her name is Lora Leigh, and the book is called Dawn’s Awakening. So far I really like the concept of her paranormal beings, and the characters, though I do have a few problems that I may try to explain more fully later. And I am reading this thinking, “PLEASE don’t let him be the bad guy. Let it be someone less obvious. Don’t let HIM be the bad guy.” I am guessing, though, that he WILL be the bad guy. I’ll let you know later if I was right. 😉

Okay, so mostly I wanted to get an entry posted on Leap Day, 2008. So sue me! 😉