Forward Motion…

Wow, now we’re cooking with Crisco! (Hee.) I did some more warring on FM Chat yesterday (I can never seem to connect with any of my usual writing buddies in IM these days) and whipped out another 2500 or so words. Not too shabby at all! I am sitting JUST under the 80% done mark, the conflict is continuing to roll fast and furious (ha), and I am almost done setting up the final confrontation. Of course, I then need to go back and do some fairly extensive revising (including adding some much-needed scene that will introduce a new character, the “big bad” if you will…up to this point the big bad has been an amorphous entity for me as much as it has been for the MC, but turns out the farther the story went along the more I realized there actually WAS one major person acting as the big bad who will have to be introduced earlier on), but I am up for the task. And man, taking notes as you go along and realize things need changing is SO helpful!

Okay, so sorry for all the rambling…I’m hoping to get at least 1-2k written tonight, but Biggest Loser is on so we’ll see!!! =)

Red Hot Fury:

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