3/4 of the Way Finished…

Woo woo, almost 3/4 of the way done! And I finally got out of those couple of scenes that seemed to just KICK my butt. Sheesh. Not sure why I’ve been having so much trouble with these. I don’t usually have as much trouble with the “evile” middle as some writers do, but this book seems to want to make a liar of me in that respect. *grin* My toughest part is usually the beginning, especially the first 10 or 20k, but those flew out fast while the later middle is just inching along. Ah well, at least I feel like I’m making progress. =)

Overall, I am exceptionally pleased with this book. I feel that it has a lot of unique elements and I really like the characters and plot. Of course, I see a lot of things that need improvement, and I need to add some scenes I didn’t realize I needed until later scenes, but that’s what revisions are for. I can’t wait to get to that stage! Oddly enough, I’m actually looking forward to getting back on the query-go-round with this one!

Still no word from Uber Agent. At this point, I’m trying to look at it as a rejection, and if it’s not then I can be spectacularly surprised. =)

Red Hot Fury:

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