Ms. Redundancy, Take Two…

Just had to post another giggler today:

“Scott asked him a few questions, and he launched into a discussion about the potential man-and-firepower we would potentially face when storming the compound.”

Woo. Thank GOD for re-reading and revisions. LOL.

Speaking of which, I haven’t gotten many (if any) new words the past few days, due to ye olde stubborn muse. I finally took the hint and am re-reading all 55ish k words, something that is often helpful to me whenever I have trouble with specific scenes. It usually helps me focus on what’s not working, and get things back on track. So I’m re-reading, and polishing up simple things as I go, as well as working in some things I needed to work in. Hopefully in another day or two I will be able to start making forward motion again!


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