Oh. My. God. I am SO tired and am going to really hate myself in a few hours when I have to get up from work. Luckily I spent all day today at home recuperating from this stupid cold, because I’ll need the rest tomorrow. But once I got started today, and saw how close to finishing I was, I just couldn’t stop. And behold, we have a finished first draft manuscript! It needs some smoothing out, and I’m not fully happy with the epilogue, but that’s what revisions are for. To turn the slightly ugly duckling into a beautiful swan! Or something…

At any rate, finished word count now stands at:

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meter
79,500 / 79,500

500 words below what I estimated my first draft would turn out to be. Not too shabby! Now, to bed, and soon to query again!

OMG…tiiired, but so worth it!

LOL…tho I just realized something I haven’t paid attention to. My uber (not) HTML skills have not quite successfully modified zokotou’s word meter like I thought…I haven’t paid enough attention to realize the actual bar hasn’t filled in lately…Oh well, I’ll fix THAT in revisions, too. 😉


Being Sick Bites…

Blah. I stayed home with Zack on Friday because he was sick, then spent all weekend sick myself, then went to work sick the past two days (yeah, I used to HATE it whenever ppl came into work sick, but that was back before I got real responsibility at work…now I understand where those people were coming from. Some days, you just HAVE to go into work, sick or not, as long as you aren’t dying…heh), and today I feel even worse. The whining, it hurts us precious!

Nearly There…

Made excellent progress this weekend, especially considering I’ve seen sick the whole time. Stupid colds…At any rate, tired so just doing a quick word count update…

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
70,802 / 80,000

Should have this first draft finished this week. Maybe even by this weekend! Yay! =)

In the Home Stretch Now…

Definitely in the home stretch now, baby. YAY! I’m so close to the end of this WIP I can taste it. Feels great, especially considering I didn’t finish any complete manuscripts last year. Slacker, thy name is me! (Okay, so I was finishing my Master’s and started a brand-new, very demanding job–which is still wicked busy right now–but still. I feel all slackerish!) At any rate, I managed around 1500ish words tonight, added to the measly 3-400ish I eked out last night, and I am now over the 80% projected mark on RHF.

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
65,050 / 80,000

I am much in the bookloff right now, and it feels loverly. It’s the good kind of love, I promise. I see its warts and penchant for leaving the toilet seat up in the dark, and I still adore it. Yeah, bad metaphor, but you get my drift. I can’t wait to go back through and polish this puppy up in revisions. And that is something I RARELY, if EVER, say. Normally, I HATE revisions. Guess I’m growing up. 😉

Speaking of which, it’s past my bedtime. =)

Forward Motion…

Wow, now we’re cooking with Crisco! (Hee.) I did some more warring on FM Chat yesterday (I can never seem to connect with any of my usual writing buddies in IM these days) and whipped out another 2500 or so words. Not too shabby at all! I am sitting JUST under the 80% done mark, the conflict is continuing to roll fast and furious (ha), and I am almost done setting up the final confrontation. Of course, I then need to go back and do some fairly extensive revising (including adding some much-needed scene that will introduce a new character, the “big bad” if you will…up to this point the big bad has been an amorphous entity for me as much as it has been for the MC, but turns out the farther the story went along the more I realized there actually WAS one major person acting as the big bad who will have to be introduced earlier on), but I am up for the task. And man, taking notes as you go along and realize things need changing is SO helpful!

Okay, so sorry for all the rambling…I’m hoping to get at least 1-2k written tonight, but Biggest Loser is on so we’ll see!!! =)

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
63,500 / 80,000