Fingers a’ Flying Again…

Thank GOD. Funny how striking out for Panera to write always works so well for me. Between the couple hundred words I managed the other day and tonight, I’ve added just over 3200 words to the manuscript. Yay! It feels good to be back on track, and I have every intention of making sure it stays that way until I see this one through to the end. Here’s hoping I manage to keep that intention! No, here’s stating that I WILL! (Famous last words, right? 😉

The updated word count is…

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
48,834 / 80,000

Hooray! I feel so accomplished and stuff. And the plot threads are tying in nicely, although I already know I am going to have to go back and weave in several new scenes, thanks to a shiny new sub-plot I didn’t know about until just recently. Always so nice when the subconscious brain works things out to the betterment of the story as a whole, even if it DOES make for more work. *grin*

All right, time to go home and finish re-reading The Golden Compass. Speaking of which, I’m sad the movie bombed because, overall, I loved it and really wanted them to make more. Why Hollywood INSISTS on spending a gazillion more dollars than they need to on every film just boggles my mind. But that’s another issue entirely. 😉


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