Shivers Down My Spine…

Sometimes things just seem to come together perfectly…I found this website after doing a search for dragonfly wings because I wanted to see some pictures to form a more clear picture of how “my” faerie’s wings are going to look. And I couldn’t help but look through the pages on this site, and Jasmine’s story just touched me, especially considering the mentions of St. Louis, where I live. I am thinking I have been lead to the serious health condition that Kelsey is battling, and it’s not a brain tumor like I was leaning toward. Now I just need to do a lot more research into cystic fibrosis. (Which is a condition I am only passingly familiar, since the only person I know who has it is the grandson of Zack’s first babysitter, who we don’t keep in very close contact with.)

Okay, now to force the shivers away and keep world-building.

Writing Rocks…

*happy sigh* Why, oh why do we let the cat vacuuming, etc. start? So hard to get back into the swing of things when you do! Ah well, I guess it’s just called life, and sometimes it’s hard to find that balance. And it’s so easy to tell when things are going well with the writing. Like, oh, I actually start posting a lot more often!!!

Speaking of which, I am doing some brainstorming on the faerie project for purposes of trying out this little writing program that I found by way of this post on Justine Larbalestier’s blog. Software Rambling…

Word Count Update…

Yeah, from extremely sporadic posts to way too many in one day. Aren’t you all just LUCKY? Hee. Well, I’ve been poking at RHF off and on tonight while surfing the net, reading Magic’s Child, and peeking at Comedy Central from time to time. Yeah, I can be almost ADD sometimes. But I DID manage to eke out just over 1k words, so feel that I’ve accomplished SOMETHING tonight.

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
54,519 / 80,000

Book Loff…

Yay! Arrived home to a big box full of books: not-very-late Christmas gifts from my in-laws. Husband’s mother is the head librarian in her small town, so score!!! (Er, by which I mean she can purchase books at a discount, not that she sends us the library’s copies. LOL.) Husband had a bunch of straight fantasy books, and I received the following: Book loff…

Wow. Color me surprised. I actually got up early to write (unplanned) despite the fact I stayed up way too late finishing Kim Harrison’s For a Few Demons More. Have I mentioned that I HEART Kim Harrison and the Rachel Morgan books? Well, I do! That would be my favorite, already-established female MC urban fantasy series. Er…if that makes sense. Even if it doesn’t!

At any rate, eked out over 1k, so not TOO bad!

Red Hot Fury:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
53,484 / 80,000

Zokotou’s all weird, so hopefully I did the manual thing right. Math is NOT my strong suit. *grin*