Still Kicking…

Though I’m also still struggling to get in words on the weekend. What I really need to do is sit down first thing in the morning when I wake up, just like I do on (most) weekdays, and write at least a few pages right off the bat. Bam. Done. No need to feel guilty or anything for getting no writing done. Now if I can just implement that plan…

That said, I did manage just about exactly 1,000 words this morning. I wrapped up a pretty nifty ambush scene in an elevator heading to a penthouse suite–although I’ve thought of a few things I can add/polish to make it even niftier. But I’m going to wait to do that when the first draft is finished. For now, I just want to power through and finish, then handle the revising process all in one fell swoop, and be done with it (other than the inevitable further fiddling I often do while waiting on responses to queries). I write fairly clean first draft so usually only need one major revision stage, and then very small minor polishing as the mood strikes me.


Red Hot Fury Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
39,928 / 90,000

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