Agent Follow-up…

I am posting this here in an effort to make myself actually, you know, DO IT tonight. It’s been…er…like 5 months since Uber Agent requested my full manuscript. I status queried something like…7ish weeks afterward (she said to give her 3, so I gave her plenty more since she was going through an agency move). Since it’s been an additional several months, and I notice she is again posting on LJ, I really DO need to status query her again tonight.

So, like, do it, okay? I’m talking to you, Self.

(Eventually I just started looking at the non-response as a rejection just to keep my sanity. No reason not to just make 100% sure, though!)


ETA: Status query sent. Kept it short, sweet, and to the point. Now I will try to forget it so as not to get my hopes up again!!! =)


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