Where Did the Day Go???

So, it’s almost time to go home from work and I still don’t know where the day went. I was so busy I barely spent any time at my desk at all. And now, my brain is fried and I am ready to go HOME! Of course, on the downside, I kept waking up last night so was unable to drag myself out of bed early to write. Thus, I need to write when I get home because taunted talked me into joining the 70 Days of Sweat Challenge so I MUST get words in today!!!

No biggie, really, I will spend time with the baby while husband cooks dinner, and then I will write. No WoW for me until I reach my minimum word count goal of 750 (which actually shouldn’t be hard for me at ALL) each and every day. Even the weekends. Fortunately, the challenge has 23 free days built in (for holidays and break days and whatnot), so that is completely doable. And I could conceivably have this book finished well before the challenge end day of January 15, 2008. Woot!


One response to “Where Did the Day Go???

  1. 750 is pretty doable for us, I think. We’re used to crossing 4 digits most days when we actually get our butt in chair.
    I sympathize with work. I have a presentation tomorrow and I’ve been interrupted every two minutes today with last minute changes and additions and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished anything and now I’m trying to get into gear now that that seems to have calmed down… but I’m totally frazzled.
    You can do it! 😀