My First Poll…

*wipes a tear*

Um, where was I? Oh. The poll. After reading Marianne Mancusi’s “Moongazers” (thoughts on which I may post later), I noticed that Dorchester’s new Shomi line is running a contest, and decided to enter Reborn in Fire as it seems tailor-made for it. The heroine is definitely introduced to an alternate (to her) reality, a new world of magic that she was previously unaware of, and the hero is DEFINITELY the one “in the know.” Even though the contest rules didn’t specify you couldn’t enter manuscripts you may have already submitted to the general Dorchester umbrella *cough*, I’ve decided to change RIF’s title, just to be safe. And I gutted the first chapter, much as I loved it. I think that adds to the story’s mystique, especially in the beginning. So, on to the poll.


2 responses to “My First Poll…

  1. I like RIF too much to choose another 😦
    Thanks for pointing out the contest. I don’t think I have anything for it at the moment, but the deadline isn’t until 4/2008… 😀