Yesterday’s Goals: Revisited…

Finish tweaking VoD’s first three chapters, completely re-write sucky synopsis written 3-4 years ago, and send off to and Kristin Nelson. Check! Go see Stardust (hooray) with husband (double hooray). Check! Get some new words in on Red Hot Fury, even if only a few. Not quite. Possibly clean (ha). Check! Cleaned the kitchen, at any rate. At the very least put laundry in dryer away. Almost check! They’re in the bedroom waiting to be put away. Spend cuddle time with the husband. Check! Play CoH for at least a little while, since haven’t logged on in like a week. Check! Well I logged on, didn’t really play so much. =)

Just got my partials sent off to both and Kristin Nelson. I’m crossing my fingers that one or both of those turns into a full request. Wish me luck! 😉

Okie, now to finish Jayne Castle’s “Silver Master” (I LOVE her books, in all her iterations), and then possibly tinker with Red Hot Fury.


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