The Writing Life…

Goals today: Finish tweaking VoD’s first three chapters, completely re-write sucky synopsis written 3-4 years ago, and send off to and Kristin Nelson. Go see Stardust (hooray) with husband (double hooray). Get some new words in on Red Hot Fury, even if only a few. Possibly clean (ha). At the very least put laundry in dryer away. Spend cuddle time with the husband. Play CoH for at least a little while, since haven’t logged on in like a week.

All of this made possible by the fact my uncle and aunt are taking Zack to the Zoo along with some of her nieces and nephews and my uncle’s 18-year-old son and HIS newborn son. And THEN my mom is getting Zack for the late afternoon/night/tomorrow. He is going to have a blast and be one spoiled baby!!! =)


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