VoD Week…

This week seems to be Vessel of Dreams week for me. I am still chipping away at my latest prose/grammar polish, though I’ve been doing that evenings rather than mornings. I am going through a mini burnout on CoH where I just don’t feel like playing the game. It prolly won’t last long, but it has freed up my evenings for other things. =)

The loverly is currently reviewing the entire manuscript for me, which I greatly appreciate. I wanted to get the perspective of someone who didn’t read the first iteration of VoD since I’ve cut over 30k words and made it more YAish. That actually wasn’t TOO hard, as I think the voice was already mostly YA. My only concern is most of the other characters are older than Briana, who is 18, almost 19, but hopefully that won’t be a big deal. I’m really pleased with the way it’s shaping up, and it really IS such a stronger book without all that “fat” weighing it down. Hee.

I submitted my query to ‘s open call thread, and yesterday I also shot off a query to Kristin Nelson at The Nelson Literary Agency. Crossing my fingers that I’ll get at least a nibble.

Still no news from Uber Agent, but that’s all right. She’s super busy, and right now I’m taking the view that no news is good news! 😉


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