Vessel of Dreams Query – Take Three…

I like this much better, I think. Needs a little tweaking, still, I am sure, but overall I am pleased. Thanks to everyone who has commented!!!

Maiden. Mother. Crone. One witch from an unbroken line holds the potential to serve as the Triple Goddess’s Vessel. Another will commit any act necessary to control her. Even murder.

18-year-old Briana McRae never dreamed the sudden deaths of her parents would unleash a closet full of family skeletons and relatives she never knew existed. But as she grows closer to the newfound aunt and cousin who loathe each other, it becomes obvious that one of them is manipulating her with a mystical family heirloom, hoping to force her onto a path of dark magic and blood sacrifice.

Now she must choose between the two: her charismatic aunt Carey, whose actions 19 years earlier caused Briana’s parents to flee Boston the night of her birth; or Riley, the prickly cousin who shows up after each of Briana’s mysterious blackouts. Add to that an uncle whose touch inspires forbidden desire, a budding romance with Riley’s first love, and a run-in with Carey’s lover, and Briana’s left struggling to figure out who to trust. On All Hallows Eve she faces her darkest fear: Badb, the cruelest aspect of the Triple Goddess, and the only one who can save her from the bloodthirsty path set out for her. But only if Briana has the strength to take Badb into herself and accept her position as the Triple Goddess’s avatar–without being swept away in a sea of inhumanity.

And now back to tidying of the manuscript itself.


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