TGIF – Metrics Ahoy!…

Gotta make this quick. I’m running late, but it was all for a good cause. Majorly awesome amount of words this morning!

Starting Graphs: Everything in Morgan and Scott’s “Command Central” looked exactly the same as it had more than two years earlier. Battered but comfortable chairs circled around a beat-up poker table in one corner of the room, with a fully-stocked wet bar in the opposite corner. Warhounds could drink just about any other arcane being under the table. Except maybe satyrs. The walls were made of dark wood paneling, faded by years of smoke from both cigars and the humongous fireplace crouching in the center of the wall directly opposite the door behind me.

Three men and one woman sat around the table, cards in hand and cigars at the ready beside them. Morgan was glaringly absent, no doubt holding the hand of my Public Enemy Number One. That thought had a scowl darkening my face and my fingers clenching. Great. The perfect mood to be in for a good ole ass-kissing session.

Scott’s well-muscled back caught my attention immediately. Thick red hair flowed just past his shoulders in gorgeous waves. I blinked and widened my eyes. He’d used to keep his hair buzzed as short as possible, refusing to offer potential enemies the slightest advantage in a fight. His deeply-bronzed skin and hellaciously sexy body remained the same from what I could see. Secretly I’d hoped to see him gain a hundred pounds in my absence, but no dice.

Ending Graphs: Sorry…long snippet today!

“You’ll pay me double the usual consulting fee.”

I bristled. “Double? This is official Fury business.”

“Yeah, that’s why you’re paying double. Hazard pay. Last time we accepted a Fury commission, we nearly lost our two best mercs. So double or nothing.”

My breath whooshed out again, and I wondered which of the area Furies had hired his family’s services without giving me a heads up. A smart one, obviously. I would have bitten her head off otherwise.

“Fine. If this helps track down a Fury’s killer, the Elders won’t quibble the price. Even if it helps reveal the assholes responsible for impersonating a missing Fury, it will be well worth the overly exorbitant price.”

His lips settled into a smirk, but he simply nodded.

“I have a condition of my own. I want you, Scott, and only you.” His fingers grew white as they pressed into the desk beneath him, so I clarified. “Not your bitchy cousin, or your cute but inexperienced brother, or that other guy I don’t recognize.”

“Elliara’s husband,” he corrected.

Damn. The girl’d worked fast in the year since her ex-fiancé broken up with her. And she’d found someone willing to overlook her Ice Queen routine in favor of her hot body. So I assumed.
“Whatever. I’m planning to go in fast and hard on this one, and I need someone I’ve worked with before. Someone I know I can trust. Someone who won’t slow me down.”

Pleasure at my compliment battled with his reluctance to be alone with me any more than possible. I recognized that most clearly. “You’d be safer with more than our own eyes watching for trouble.”

I wiggled my arms, flashing him my tats. “Have two extra pairs right here. Besides, I meant it. Fast and furious on this one, Scott. Operative word being furious.”

Not many could keep up with Furies in full-on hunting mode. Scott was one of the few.
He finally nodded, pushing away from the desk and moving around to the chair on the opposite side. He sat down and began tapping at the ultramodern computer facing him.

“Somebody upgraded.” My eyes widened now that they’d been drawn to the piece of technology I hadn’t previously noticed. “I thought your father hated those things.”

Humor glinted in his eyes. “He does. Which is one of the many reasons I bought it. Besides, he’s usually busy…”

His voice trailed away, and I forced back a smartass comment. We both knew just what his father was busy doing. Guarding that no-good, piece of shit bastard who’d gotten away with murder.

Well, assuming I didn’t prove otherwise in the hours to come. That thought perked me right up.

Snakes On A Plane In A Scene: Oh yeah. Playing chaperone, so to speak. 😉

Body Count: Still at two. But the ass-kicking is about to commence.

Total Words Eked Out Today: 2,071!!!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
7,684 / 90,000

Woot! The farther into the story and conflict I get, hopefully the better pace I will be able to keep. And now, have to get to work!!!


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  1. Nice job!
    When I start writing the new novel, I kind of want to do morning writing again, but I already get up at 4:30am, so I don’t think that’s going to pan out unless I change my work schedule (which means traffic DOOM… I have a 6am shift for a reason!).
    I guess I’ll have to see what is most important when I start 🙂

    • Thank you!
      Yeah. The morning routine has been hard to adjust to so far, but it’s getting a bit easier. And if I already had to get up at 4:30 a.m., no way in hell that would happen! *lol*
      I’m sure it will all work out. Things usually have a habit of doing that, when writing is involved.