Nother Quick Update…

I met the fabulous for lunch over the weekend, and had a blast chatting with her. She’s a lovely person and I enjoyed our chat very much. Too bad I didn’t meet her when she actually lived in St. Louis! =)

Also, for the person who kindly prodded encouraged me to status check with Uber Agent, I just sent that email out. Now my stomach is in knots and I’m sure I’m going to get an insta-rejection back, but at least that’s out of the way! *grin*

Also also, I set my alarm 15 minutes early today to get myself started on the path to getting up early again. The new allergy meds were making me SUPER groggy at first, but I think my body is adjusting to them now. Tomorrow I have to get up early anyway because husband has a meeting, so maybe I will actually manage to get some words done.

Here’s hoping! =)