Tiiiiired But Alive…

…and sometimes that’s all we can say. I’m very grateful for the alive part, of course. *grin* This morning was a very tough morning, allergies and asthma wise. I woke up just feeling absolutely awful. Fortunately for me, however, payday was yesterday so I was able to afford Claritin D again. On mornings when I wake up feeling that badly, I wait until husband gets out of the shower and croak, “I feel like *insert expletive here*. Would you please get me ice water and a Claritin D?” And husband, being the kind, caring man that he is, does so straight away. I then take the pill and chase it with the entire glass of water and huddle in bed for 20 or so minutes until the medication finally kicks in. And then I scurry to get ready for work in time, since I have no sick days and only 3 vacation days left until December first.

Wow, that was a very long, very boring paragraph. Sorry!

Can’t wait until my follow-up asthma appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping we can try some new things and get this under control.

I am very much looking forward to meeting the lovely Saturday morning at this year’s NASFIC, which is being held simultaneously with the local convention ARCHON. Or ARCON. I forget which one it is. We are going to meet for lunch, and if I can I am going to attend the reading for her upcoming YA urban fantasy, Bones of Faerie. I can’t wait to meet her and hear more about the book! =)

I am feeling the restless urge to WRITE again, so maybe I will somehow find the energy to plug away at the WIP soon. I miss it!

And maybe I will hear from Uber Agent in a positive manner soon. One can hope!!!

And yes, this is a long, disjointed post. Can I blame the Claritin D? 😉

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