As Time Flies By…

Sheesh! Where did my weekend go? And did I really spend most of it playing City of Heroes? *cackle* Actually, it was a nice weekend for my mental well-being. I NEEDED a weekend without work (even though I had planned to go in) and devoted mostly to myself. It was awesome! My mother unexpectedly took Zack for most of the weekend, so both Shawn and I got some much needed “us” time, both apart and together. Like I said, I had planned to go to work, but couldn’t face the prospect of another dust-filled day with my allergies and asthma making me so miserable. Since I have a follow-up appointment with my doctor on Thursday to discuss the asthma, I decided to hold off any more filing for another week. The dust and I to NOT get along these days! A couple of my friends have suggested wearing paper masks when filing, and I am seriously considering it. No matter how stupid it might look. 😛

The writing has been mostly non-existent, due to the fact I just can NOT bring myself to wake up early when it is really all I can do to make it through each day. The coughing, runny nose, exhaustion, etc. just take a major toll on me. I’m really hoping my doctor can help me get this back under control, as it sucks to have gotten it under control (I thought), only to degenerate into misery again.

And yes, there are people who have it far worse than me. But this is my journal and I’ll whine if I want to! 😉

Hopefully, I can resume the awesome creative output I was managing just before this all flared up shortly after my doctor appointment.


And as a quick update, I LOVE my new job, absolutely love it, but I do not have nearly as much time for random web-surfing as before. This makes the day go by super-fast, but means I am way behind on my flist. Sorry!


Oh, and for those who’ve asked. Still no word from Uber Agent, but I wanted to give her twice the three weeks she told me before checking the status. I know she’s been super busy, and I’d rather nurse my illusions a little longer than have them dashed completely. Hee. 😉 Since tomorrow marks six weeks, I am planning to follow-up with her then. Wish me luck!


6 responses to “As Time Flies By…

    • I thought so, too! Hee. It was only hard the first couple of weeks, I’ve been very zen about it the past 4 or so. *lol* Course that’s mostly because deep down inside I think it will be a rejection, just because that’s the way my mind thinks. *snicker* Thanks for the well wishes!

  1. (Sent an email your way a few days ago, by the way, to your lj address–so if you do wind up breaking free of the new-job craziness and heading out toward Archon/NASFic, just let me know! :-))

      • Hmm, don’t think I got it. Weird. If you get a chance, try sending it to kaitiana At gmail dOt cOm with the spaces and caps removed. I’d love to get together with you while you’re here! I’m thinking maybe I could afford a day at the convention, though I’m not entirely sure which one I should attend. Thoughts?