Quickie Update…

Just a quick update to say I am still alive…barely. I am SOO behind on my flist because of being so busy with my new job. And I am so behind on writing in the mornings because my asthma and allergies are officially kicking my buttocks. I will try and update more substantively soon, but that’s it for now! (Sorry!)


3 responses to “Quickie Update…

    • Hey. Sorry for the slow response, chickie! The new job is AWESOME and I LOVE it, I just have little time for dilly-dallying these days. Which makes the day go by quickly, but has cut out a lot of my surfing time. *snicker*
      How bout yours???

      • The new job is interesting so far. I can’t say I love it or hate it yet, because I have NOTHING TO DO. I think once I actually do have tasks, it will be easy-peasy and I will be happy. For now I’m just doing whatever crap someone else feels like tossing on the new kid, and surfing the internet when there’s not even that. 😉