Metric-y Goodness…

…LOL…I typed that as Metric-y Goodnews at first. Which, I suppose, fits just as well…

Starting Graph: “You can’t possibly be serious. Cappy would never authorize this.”

Ending Graphs: Trin shifted in order to provide my body more cover. “Don’t worry, Riss. Someone’s already called for an ambulance.”

I tried to tell her not to bother, but Nemesis and Nike finally recovered enough from their shock to get busy doing what they did best. Adding their catalytic properties to my own magical abilities. In this case, superhuman healing.

The healing came with a hefty price, like so much else associated with being a Fury. The agony dancing through my body doubled, then tripled, as magic pushed the foreign lump of metal out, then started knitting flesh, bone, and blood vessels together. I couldn’t bite back a scream quickly enough, and Trin shouted for someone to “Hurry the fuck up, she’s dying on us!”

Several interminable seconds passed. Agony increased ever-so-slightly, but this time I managed to keep silent, thanks in large part to the gods-blessed serpents winding along my body and working their mojo. I’d never been more grateful to have them with me.

Finally, both pain and magic faded to bearable levels. I pushed myself to a sitting position, and Trin whirled from scanning the empty doorway, eyes widening as she took in my bloodstained clothes, the ragged hole in my leather vest–and the perfectly-knit flesh beneath.

“Jesus.” She let out a shaky breath. “I knew you guys could heal fast, but that’s…”

“Freaky?” I offered with a small smile. “Yeah, you’ve mentioned my status as freak of nature before. Pretty damned glad for it, myself.”

Personal Favorite: Thunder struck, and lightning arced through my chest, passing mere inches from my heart. I crumpled to the ground amid a sea of white-hot pain. Pandemonium broke out around me. Civilians screamed and dropped to the ground while uniforms and plainclothes pulled weapons, herded civilians behind furniture, and struggled to figure out what was going on. Trinity shielded my body with her own, sidearm out and aimed toward the door. Toward the now-shattered glass of the empty doorframe, to be more precise. And that’s when the truth hit me.

“Holy shit. Some moron shot me. Somebody actually shot me.”

Line Which Must DIE (or at least be revised)!: Trying to decide if this second paragraph is too info-dumpish:

“Bizarre, right? No one seems to know many details, but can’t mistake a fed no matter how secretive they’re trying to be. The buzz is running rampant.”

I frowned while we trotted down the stairs. Feds, as a general rule, only got involved in magical crimes that crossed state lines, or very high-profile magical cases, ones that risked destroying the magical-mortal Peace Accord reached after the decades-long Time of Troubles ended in the late 70’s. Mortals and their euphemisms. The Time of Troubles had been a full-on war in all but name. And only the mundanes’ sheer numbers and technological might had prevented them from being completely wiped out by the Gens Arcana. That, and arcanes like we Furies, who straddled both the mortal and immortal fence, and thus were committed to brokering peace between both groups. That Accord had come at a very high price, but it’d been well worth it.

Snakes On A Plane In A Scene: Hell yeah, and luckily for Riss or she’d probably be DEAD!

Body Count: Still only one. But the MC almost bit it!

Total Words Eked Out Today: 1,064

Red Hot Fury Wordcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,486 / 90,000

Woot! Slow but steady progress. And the conflict and story are heating up. Yay!


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