Back in the Writing Saddle…

The weekend was so hectic that I never did get any writing in (boo), and I haven’t slept felt well the past couple days so I’ve slept in and gotten no writing in (boo), but today I have triumphed against business and sleepiness and written about 1100 words in Red Hot Fury. This is especially impressive considering I had to re-read the 1300ish words I already had to get back into the story, AND I had to paused for some research. And I still have time to run upstairs and do my hair and make-up before we have to leave work work. Go me!

Starting Graph: Trinity’s lips twisted grimly. Too familiar a story for us both.

Ending Graph: I stared in shock at the smug face of Boston PD’s biggest asshole and chief pain in my own ass. I tried to make sense of the words he’d just spit out in near-orgasmic pleasure, and couldn’t. I’d expected a commendation for the discovery I’d just made. Not this.

“What the fuck do you mean, I’m suspended?”

“Without pay.” He drawled the words, taking great pride in rubbing salt in my wounds.

Personal Favorite: “Oh fuck, Trin. It’s even worse than I thought. That corpse is made of pure, unadulterated magic. There’s not a mortal bone in its body, and there never was. Which means it can’t be a Fury–and it’s sure as hell not Vanessa.” Her shocked eyes met my own when I pointed out the obvious. “Some son of a bitch altered another person’s corpse to look like my best friend’s. And I’m going to find out why if it kills me.”

And that’s when the mind-shaking onslaught of a full-on Mandate slammed against me with the force of a freight train. Now, I would have to keep that oath–even if it did kill me.

Line Which Must DIE (or at least be revised)!: It was just the bit of reality I needed to remember who I was and what I’d been trying to do.

Snakes On A Plane In A Scene: Yes.

Body Count: Still only one. But Riss figured out it’s not who she thought it was.

Total Words Eked Out Today: 1,083

Red Hot Fury Wordcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,424 / 90,000

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