Yesterday was a long, tiring, but productive day. I worked for 7 hours and got a lot done on my ongoing project that I’m hoping to be able to pass on to someone else in the next week or two. Then I picked up my boys and we went to the mall so husband could let the baby play in the play area while I shopped at Lane Bryant. I went in armed with a great coupon I got from signing up for their mailing list–$25 off $75 or more, $50 off $150 or more, or $75 off of $225 or more. I knew I would easily spend that since a lot of their newer stuff is sooo expensive.

After 2 hours! of browsing and trying things on, I ended up with three dressy short-sleeved, button-up blouses, one dressy top, three cute, slightly more casual tops, and two casual tops I would probably only wear on our dress-down days, or at home. I also got two pairs of work pants to add to the four pairs I already have and the several pairs of more casual pants I can wear to work. Here are links to the items I can find on their website: I love the splash of pink contrasted against this black and white print. Cute top with the uber-popular circles. I got this top in black. It’s got a pretty cool mandarin top that I thought was different. This isn’t the exact top, but I got one very similar in the deep wood color. This one in the cobalt. I got a few other things, but some were clearance in the store and I don’t see them on the website. I saved another 20% by applying for their credit card (which I plan to cancel soon–I normally don’t apply for credit cards to save money, but it was well worth it with all the clothes I bought this time.) I then added a few pieces of jewelry I’d been eyeing since I saved so much money between the $75 off coupon and the extra 20% off each item. =)

I am going to my best friend’s house soon so we can order pizza (yum!) and scrapbook. I’m hoping to just be there a couple hours because I’m exhausted from yesterday still. Then I plan to come home and if I can dredge up the energy, do either Tae Bo or Pilates. I want to spend a couple hours playing with the baby to give husband a break, and at some point I plan to play CoH with my wonderful online friend who I am loving spending more time with again. I’d love to get some writing done, too, but that may not happen. Now, though, I don’t have to feel guilty because I know I will be waking up early every day to write. That’s a great feeling. =)


One response to “Exhausted…

  1. Clothes! Those are all very pretty, although I shudder to think about how much that shopping trip cost you! I’m so horribly cheap when it comes to clothes, but it probably shows in my appearance, too 😉
    Luckily, my company dress code is “Wear clothes. And shower regularly, please.” 😉