No Morning Metrics…

…but there should be some tonight. I had to come into work early for a meeting regarding my new position, and there was no way I was going to get up even earlier than I have been this week, so I’m planning to get at least a few hundred words in tonight. We have a standing date with my best friend Julie tonight, and the friend I’ve been playing CoH with this week also has a standing engagement on Fridays, so I should definitely be able to sneak in an hour or so of writing after Julie leaves.

Tomorrow I am coming into work for a few hours to work on the permanent project I’ve been working on (which I will get to pass on soon hopefully – yay!), and then I am coming SHOPPING! WoOt! I love to shop for clothes, other than the whole trying things on and feeling fat thing. Maybe I should say I love the whole HAVING new clothes after finding things that fit and I like. *grin*

Hopefully I’ll have a word update tonight! =)


One response to “No Morning Metrics…

  1. Some mornings are just like that. I should be free tonight for cheering squad (er, and to get some of my own editing done), too 🙂 The Other Half is going to be gone for the weekend (although I somehow managed to fill up the weekend with social events on my own…), so it’ll just be me and the TV tonight. LoL