Awesome writing morning!!! =)

Starting Graph: She sprawled facedown in the damp sand, long chestnut hair tangled with seaweed and other bits of flotsam from the deep. One of her arms stuck out from her body at an awkward angle, displaying the bright green snake tattoo running from shoulder to just below elbow. The tattoo clearly marked her as one of my sister Furies.

Ending Graph: The years faded away as if they had never been, and I nodded. “Yeah. He didn’t take well to the breakup at all. When she–when she started seeing someone new, he completely flipped out. She disappeared a few months after that, but we could never prove he was involved. But we just knew…”

Personal Favorite: I winced slightly. Vic. Seemed such a cold word to use for one of my sisters. And yet, I’d used it myself with the uniform. Couldn’t get too emotionally invested during investigations. Making it personal meant running the risk of getting sloppy. And I never got sloppy.

Line Which Must DIE (or at least be revised)!: Nothing TOO crappy today.

Snakes On A Plane In A Scene: Yes.

Body Count: Still only one!!!

Total Words Eked Out Today: 1056!!!

Red Hot Fury Wordcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,358 / 90,000

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