We Have Achieved Wordage…

I am pleased to report that my intention to get up early and write today was successful. Yee haw! I did a smidge more world-building and actually managed to eke out a page or so of new words. We have a beginning! And a mutilated corpse! And Riss’s serpents have terrified a poor uniform police officer already! We also have a working title, since I can’t call both Fury books Furious without confusing myself AND everyone else. I think this calls for some metrics…

Starting Line: Something seemed fishy about the mutilated corpse stretched out on the sand, and it wasn’t the heavy odor of Boston Harbor hanging in the pre-dawn air.

Ending Line: Shrugging, I turned my attention from the super-tall detective and onto the body which had us all out here at oh-god early in the morning.

Personal Favorite: “Terrifying the poor uniforms again?” a voice tinged with Southern twang drawled behind me. “That’s the fourth you’ve made piss his pants this month.”

Line Which Must DIE (or at least be revised)!: Then it hit me. Her tattoos look…off.

Snakes On A Plane In A Scene: Yes.

Body Count: Only one!!!

Total Words Eked Out Today: 302 But they were mostly good words!!!

Red Hot Fury Wordcount:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
300 / 90,000

Okay…so that’s enough metrics for today. Obviously, the more I world-build/plot/sketch out characters, the more words I will start reporting. For now, I will take 302! Have a great day everyone!!! =)


11 responses to “We Have Achieved Wordage…

    • Aww, thanks. I thought it was pretty cool when it came to me. Obviously a play on words. And I am going to make this one a bit steamier than I usually do, since that seems to be what the editors are looking for. =)

      • Now that I have, you know, an actual plot and characters in mind, it’s starting to come together. And I think the opening line to this one is snappier than the YA version. First lines are important to me–they seem to dictate whether I find it easy or hard to work on a particular book. Yay for easy (or easiER, at least)!!!

    • LOL…I LOVE your icon. Sooo cute! And true. Heh.
      And yay for you. I will be cheering you on as soon as you get it all hammered. =)