Morning Writing, Take Two…

So I’ve decided to try writing in the early am again. My evenings are just chock full of working out, eating dinner, spending time with baby and husband, and by the time that’s all done I just want to veg out with HGTV or City of Heroes. My creative energy is just about zero, which is one reason I haven’t been making much forward motion lately. I am going to start getting up just before 6 a.m. and writing for an hour or so and see how that goes. Ideally, I want to work up to 2 hours of writing, but I am one of those who needs a certain amount of sleep or i r craBBy so that may not happen…

We are stopping somewhere on the way home so I can buy caffeinated soda (I’ve been on decaf for awhile) as I abhor coffee or anything the slightest bit coffee-like. I figure between that, and showering BEFORE I start writing, I should be awake enough to like…write. *grin*

I don’t feel bad about not having much progress to report in the challenge so far, since I only just learned about it and signed up on Sunday. Yesterday I spent coming up with the basics of an actual plot, and today I am doing more plot ruminating. Hopefully, tomorrow morning I will be able to start getting actual words down. Yay!


6 responses to “Morning Writing, Take Two…

  1. Good luck with the morning writing! It’s my favorite, but I already get up at 4:30am for the day job. If I were living alone, I’d have no problem getting up at 3am (which I’ve done before while working early shifts), but for some reason, the other half drew the line at that when we started living together 😉

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about progress reports for the challenge though. Isn’t this week a freebie week since lots of participants are at Nationals?

    • The freebie week is nice, since the challenge was given with a day’s notice. If I’d known about it sooner (like a month or a week, even) I’d have been more interested.
      Then again, I guess I could start late if I were going to start at all 😉

      • Oh wow, I didn’t know they only gave a day’s notice. I assumed I just came across it late Heh.
        And yeah, can always start late if you want to. NO pressure!