All Hail Irysangel’s Gloriousness…

I’ve been dying to do this for months now, and I finally can! So huge, major congratulations to mah girl for her two-book deal with Pocket Books! Yes, the Pocket Books. That’s big-time, baby! I’m so proud of her, and fan-freaking-tastically pleased for her as well!!! And yeah, I’m all !!!-happy now, too!!! Can’t help it! It’s not everyday one of your good friends becomes an official “published author”!!! (Go ahead and check out her LJ for full details, but the deal is for her awesome Sex Starved (which I did in fact help beta read and loved) and a to-be-written sequel called Sex Drive, telling the crazy adventures of her normal gal-turned-sex-starved-succubus, Jackie. Unless she did another name change on me. 😉 Her new pseudonym is Jill Myles, and the book is due out in Fall 2008, so mark your calendars!)

No news on the agent front, but that’s all right. I can be patient (if I have to…no comments from the peanut gallery husband!). I would absolutely go crazy (in a good way) if RV actually offered to rep me…but must not get hopes up. Self, stop getting your hopes up. STOP IT! Oh crap, too late…

Also, I re-activated my City of Heroes account, and plan to join in the insanity. Took like 6-8 hours to download all the updates since the last time I played, so I never made it on last night. But I am planning to make it this weekend, oh yes precioussssss! =)

Um…that is all.


7 responses to “All Hail Irysangel’s Gloriousness…

  1. I hear you on not getting your hopes up. I just got another rejection in, and I’m sorta in that mode of “if she didn’t want me, then the uber agent certainly wouldn’t.” I’m so self-deprecating 😛

    • It’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you NEED the hope to keep you going. Otherwise, what’s the point? But on the other hand, if you let your hope get up TOO high, it’s just a harder fall when it doesn’t come to fruition. It’s enough to drive a girl to drink! Hee.
      I’m really keeping my fingers crossed for you with RV!!!
      And you gonna be on CoH this weekend? What was your toon’s name again?

      • My toon is “Yuki Meyers”. I’ll probably pop in now and again, but I won’t know exactly when. I’ve been logging on for short bursts when I need a break from writing or other stuff 🙂
        We’ll try to coordinate, though! I just can’t tell you when at the moment 😀

      • Gotcha. Sounds good. I want to do the same thing–I’d just prefer to have at least one or two others to chat and/or group with occasionally. And I’ll prolly play a few hours this weekend just to get up a few levels since I’m pretty sure I don’t have chars on your server, plus my mom has the baby Saturday till Sunday. But I am definitely planning to get some words done on Furious!!!
        Hmm, I need to email my good friend who I used to game with a lot and see if he’s still playing on our other CoH server.

    • P.S. I created a character on Virtue, her name is Jade Chrysalis. That’s also my global, @Jade Chrysalis. I’ll be on for a bit today, then husband and I are going to see a double feature of Transformers and Live Free or Die Hard (woot!). Anyway, holler if you pop on!