Showing Off the Shiny New Prettiness…

Isn’t it FABULOUS? =) It’s a piece I commissioned from the uber-talented husband of my girl , Kent Madden. And I’m sure will refresh me as to what his website is again in case YOU want to commission any awesome art from him. =) This one is based on my manuscript, Reborn in Fire, and represents the four elements along with the four types of Elementals: Phoenixes, Dragons, Selkies, and Gryphons. I wasn’t sure how he could make Selkies look halfway as edgy and cool as the other mythical beasties, but he MORE than succeeded. All praise the great Kent! =)

And yeah, when I get time (I’m at work today), I will put up a bigger, clearer picture on my website for those as wants to see it in ALL its splendor! =)