Oh the Humanity…

…and angst. No email or phone lovin’. I think the absolute hardest part about this business is the WAITING. Tom Petty sure was right about that…

And yes, I am trying not to think about it. But that often makes me just think about it more. My mind’s perverse like that.

At least it’s the weekend. My husband and baby will be able to help distract me. We are planning to take Zack swimming in our family-sized inflatable pool tonight. Can’t beat it for 20 bucks–it’s plenty big enough for husband and me to soak in it, leaving a lot of room for Zack to splash around. And it’s just deep enough that we don’t have to worry about having floaties or anything for him to stay on his feet. And seeing how temps are hovering around the 100 degree mark, it will feel great this evening. Especially since our back yard will be all shady by the time we “dive” in. =)

I’m thinking I really MUST do some writing this weekend, whether that be world-building or actually getting new words on one of the WIP’s. And I simply MUST remind myself that hearing about the full may well take weeks. And, even then, I most likely won’t get the answer I want.

Just a small reality check for myself. Are you listening, Self?!?


Have a great weekend, everyone!


One response to “Oh the Humanity…

  1. Hear, hear. My full is out with three agents (and a publisher) right now, and the waiting is… waiting. Granted, two of those have passed or are nearing the year mark, but when they first went out, I was biting my nails. Now I just forget about them most of the time.