Oh the Humanity…

…and angst. No email or phone lovin’. I think the absolute hardest part about this business is the WAITING. Tom Petty sure was right about that…

And yes, I am trying not to think about it. But that often makes me just think about it more. My mind’s perverse like that.

At least it’s the weekend. My husband and baby will be able to help distract me. We are planning to take Zack swimming in our family-sized inflatable pool tonight. Can’t beat it for 20 bucks–it’s plenty big enough for husband and me to soak in it, leaving a lot of room for Zack to splash around. And it’s just deep enough that we don’t have to worry about having floaties or anything for him to stay on his feet. And seeing how temps are hovering around the 100 degree mark, it will feel great this evening. Especially since our back yard will be all shady by the time we “dive” in. =)

I’m thinking I really MUST do some writing this weekend, whether that be world-building or actually getting new words on one of the WIP’s. And I simply MUST remind myself that hearing about the full may well take weeks. And, even then, I most likely won’t get the answer I want.

Just a small reality check for myself. Are you listening, Self?!?


Have a great weekend, everyone!


8 Things Meme (Or Things To Do To Not Obsess About Uber Agent)…

Filched this from the loverly ‘s lj:

8 Things meme…

Here are the rules:

a. Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves.
b. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed.
c. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

(Those sound more like guidelines than rules to me – Aaaaarrrrr! – but here goes…)

1. I am mildly OCD. Yes, this is majorly annoying; no, it’s not something I can change. Deal with it! Mostly it has to do with a passion… obsession?… for even numbers. I.E. if I touch something once, I often have to touch it twice. Or four times. Or eight. (Speaking of 8, that is my favoritest number in the world and brings me much pleasure!) As long as it’s an even number. Of course, this gives me the perfect excuse to make my husband never kiss me only once. *grin*

2. The OCD also applies to overriding paranoia about certain things, such as locked doors and ovens. Then again, this has come in handy a few times when I have discovered that doors were in fact NOT locked, or the garage door had been accidentally left open half the night (ack!), or someone DID leave the oven on–HA!!!

3. I nearly died a couple years ago (before I had mah baby boy) thanks to a bizarre, very serious allergic reaction. I say bizarre because we can’t figure out what caused it either of the two times it happened (the first time much milder than the first), and my allergist diagnosed me with ideopathic anaphylaxis. Which basically means they can’t figure out what the hell is my trigger. This is very scary, but I DO have trusty epi-pens to carry with me now. I make sure to ALWAYS have them with me, or at least accessible in a very small amount of time. See OCD tendencies.

4. During said allergic reaction, which was during the World Series between mah team the St. Louis Cardinals and the city where I lived for a year, Boston, everyone thought I was just further hallucinating when I stared up at the tv and suddenly blurted out, “I never liked that Ben Affleck anyway!” I was vindicated, however, the next morning when I saw them flashing images of Ben Affleck and his new flame Jennifer Garner in the crowd at the game. Take that, people who thought I was COMPLETELY out of my mind!!!

5. I never was a big drinker, but ever since that night–when a friend and I were celebrating our birthdays with a shared fish bowl of a very yummy fruity drink–the thought of getting drunk or even tipsy makes me physically ill. Seriously. Even though logically I KNOW it wasn’t whatever was in the drink that caused the reaction (we checked), or alcohol in general, there are just TOO MANY bad associations between being drunk and almost dying.

6. How many people can say they had an “impending sense of doom” as a symptom of illness? Hee! During the 3-4 hours of that reaction, I just KNEW I was going to die, and kept saying, “I don’t want to die before I have a baby!” We can see where my priorities were! Baby first, then getting published! Guess I WAS out of my mind. 😉 Just kidding!

7. Um. Hm. I’m a germaphobe as far as keeping the kitchen and tables clean and wiped down with Clorox wipes. Comes from the OCD, and having a terminally crappy immune system. Poor husband.

8. I have now decided that a certain uber agent would be PERFECT for me, and will stalk her until she is mine! Er…um…just kidding, okay! Not about the perfect part, but about the stalking part. Really, I’m just going to keep revising and writing and revising again and again until she falls in love with something of mine. Preferably the full manuscipt she currently has!

Guess that’s it. And yes, I am aware that I am a very, very boring person. Sorry!

(And Whew…that’s 10 minutes where I wasn’t obsessing about the full manuscipt…until the end of the post anyway!)

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