Anyone Out There…

…have cough-variant asthma, or know anyone who does? I’m looking for personal anecdotes. I’ve found a few online, but I’m still wading through the hundreds of thousands of google results “cough variant asthma” nets. Heh. It’s starting to look like a very likely culprit for my health woes…


Also: World-building is still going apace. A good pace, actually. Of course, now I am absolutely ITCHING to start writing this story, though I know I’m not yet really ready. I may have to do a scene or two just to satisfy the creative urges flooding me. Then I have to, you know, figure out the whole plot thing. Usually helps to have at least a basic plan, for me anyway. =)


2 responses to “Anyone Out There…

  1. (tentatively raises hand)
    I do. I have a sick seal kind of barking cough triggered by molds, heavy dust, and cig smoke. Using my inhaler stops it though.
    My stereotypical asthma attacks are triggered by cold air and exertion, especially in cold air. I get the seal barking cough for several days after that. Using my inhaler helps but the barking cough still takes a while to clear.
    Seasonal allergies (spring pollen) causes more typical allergic reaction (watery eye, runny nose).
    When I was a kid, we all knew it was a foggy morning when I woke the whole house up sounding like a morph between a fog horn and a sick seal. Once I moved from there, I don’t do that anymore.

    • Sorry–forgot to respond to this. I am now taking an inhaler, and it seems to be helping although it is early days yet. I definitely have no problems taking an inhaler if it continues to help!!!