Being Sick Sucks…

Been home sick the past two days, thanks to my old nemesis the Ubah Nasty Cough. This time courtesy of a sinus infection rather than the usual bronchitis. Hey, at least it’s something different for once. *snort* Visited my doctor today and she gave me my magical wonder drugs, the Z-pack and Robitussin with Codeine. So my poor chest and head can get a break and stop hurting so much. 😦

Despite the feeling crappy, I have managed to continue forging forward with the world-building. My husband is helping me with some of the logistical stuff, since he’s much more anal–er, I mean logically-minded than me. *grin* Seriously, though, he’s always a big help. Once I get over mah ego and actually listen to what he’s saying.

I am really falling in love with my world and magic system, and my two main characters. All good signs that point to great progress once I finish all my pre-writing prep work. *happy sigh* I can’t wait to start!!!

And my exhaustion is kicking in again. Since I have to go back to work tomorrow (boo, hiss), it’s bedtime for little ole me.


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