Back from Vacation!…

In case anyone missed me. Not that I expect many did, since I haven’t been posting particularly thought-provoking or motivating ramblings lately. Heh. What can I say? It’s a busy time of year for this writer, wife, mother, dieter/exerciser, full-time worker and student and…oh, wait, no more full-time student. WOO HOO! So now that we’re back from vacation, maybe I can start focusing on the writer aspect of my persona a little more. I hope!

Of course, I just need to figure out whether I want to continue working on the YA (about the Fury-in-training), or something adult (another paranormal or full-on-fantasy perhaps). The muse, she is fickle. I am thinking I’ll probably stick with Furious just to get it done. The query did so well in the FFF hook contest, and I know it’s a unique, marketable idea…I suppose the fact my pages didn’t do nearly as well as the actual hook have me feeling self-conscious and insecure about the manuscript. But never fear, I shall soldier on and see what I can make of it in the revision stage!

Um, so, that’s it for now I guess. Mainly I just wanted to say I’m back and still alive!


4 responses to “Back from Vacation!…

  1. From that I remember of the pages (which I didn’t judge, but read on-screen after), I think it’s definitely worth continuing on, and then seeing what happens in rewrite!

  2. Welcome Back!
    Hope vacation was what it should be: relaxing. 🙂
    And as for the Fury in training story. I think it’s a very good idea and look forward to seeing more if you decide to do that.

    • Re: Welcome Back!
      Thank you! It was sometimes relaxing and sometimes hectic, but I enjoyed it!
      And awww, thanks for the kind words. I’m just feeling antsy and impatient to be published (don’t we all) and just unsure of myself atm. I’ll find my feet–I always do!