Forgot to mention that I’ll be scarce around here for a couple weeks. This week I’m wicked busy at work catching up on my long-term project because: Next week we’re going on vacation to Maine to visit Shawn’s family. I will update as I’m able to, but I doubt I’ll have much of substance to report. Writing time will be scarce. Although I do plan to take my laptop with me so maybe I’ll be able to get at least SOME writing time in next week.

Um, that’s all. Not that it was a very interesting update. =)

(There will probably be more activity on my new fitness blog since I have finally built up the requisite motivation to completely dedicate myself to getting healthier and losing this baby (plus more) weight! That address for those who actually care is Anyone else who wants to lose weight or is in the process? We could totally help cheer each other on (or browbeat where appropriate)! =) )


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