Back from Vacation!…

In case anyone missed me. Not that I expect many did, since I haven’t been posting particularly thought-provoking or motivating ramblings lately. Heh. What can I say? It’s a busy time of year for this writer, wife, mother, dieter/exerciser, full-time worker and student and…oh, wait, no more full-time student. WOO HOO! So now that we’re back from vacation, maybe I can start focusing on the writer aspect of my persona a little more. I hope!

Of course, I just need to figure out whether I want to continue working on the YA (about the Fury-in-training), or something adult (another paranormal or full-on-fantasy perhaps). The muse, she is fickle. I am thinking I’ll probably stick with Furious just to get it done. The query did so well in the FFF hook contest, and I know it’s a unique, marketable idea…I suppose the fact my pages didn’t do nearly as well as the actual hook have me feeling self-conscious and insecure about the manuscript. But never fear, I shall soldier on and see what I can make of it in the revision stage!

Um, so, that’s it for now I guess. Mainly I just wanted to say I’m back and still alive!


Forgot to mention that I’ll be scarce around here for a couple weeks. This week I’m wicked busy at work catching up on my long-term project because: Next week we’re going on vacation to Maine to visit Shawn’s family. I will update as I’m able to, but I doubt I’ll have much of substance to report. Writing time will be scarce. Although I do plan to take my laptop with me so maybe I’ll be able to get at least SOME writing time in next week.

Um, that’s all. Not that it was a very interesting update. =)

(There will probably be more activity on my new fitness blog since I have finally built up the requisite motivation to completely dedicate myself to getting healthier and losing this baby (plus more) weight! That address for those who actually care is Anyone else who wants to lose weight or is in the process? We could totally help cheer each other on (or browbeat where appropriate)! =) )

How Do You Spell Relief?…

R-A-N-T A-N-D M-O-V-E O-N!

At least that’s how I spell it. 😉 I feel much better after having gotten that out of my system. And please, loverly people on my flist, don’t take anything I said personally. I wasn’t referring to any specific person or people, it was just my own frustration and impatience welling up and spilling over. I truly rejoice in the good news and successful publishing/sales/agenting of all my flist. Hell, I rejoice for strangers, so of course I’m happy for you! Just sometimes you have to get a good rant out of your system, or you’ll explode. At least, that’s how it works for me. 😉

Non-writing related rambling…

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Wordy Goodness…

So the ever-wonderful was kind enough to war with me for 20 minutes and helped kick-start a fantastic 40 minutes of writing–and the best word count I’ve posted in a long time. I warred with her for 20 minutes, then with myself for another 20, and wound up with 1,008 words total. Yee haw! 500ish words every 20 minutes. I haven’t managed THAT in awhile!

Partly this is because the stubborn scene I’m writing at the end of chapter three finally clicked, and the words flowed. Parly because I locked myself away in the office at my desktop, rather than remaining out in the living room at my laptop. That helps tremendously! No baby or tv to distract me. My plan is to try and write EVERY week night from 8 to 9, 8 to 10 if I’m up to it. That way I can make solid, steady progress all during the week, and whatever I get on the weekends is just a juicy bonus. Not the only words I manage to eke out.

So the current total on Furious is now:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,238 / 60,000

In other news, sent me the mock-up of the basic concept her husband has come up with for the first bit of art I commissioned for my website, and it looks fabulous. I asked for a couple minor (I hope) color tweaks, and he said that was no problem. I am excited to see the finished project! This piece of art is based on the paranormal romance I’m currently shopping around, Reborn in Fire, and depics the four elements and the legendary creatures my Elementals are named for. After that, he’s doing a few character sketches for me. One of which is based on Furious, the current YA urban fantasy project. The one whose first 5 pages is currently in the FFF Contest. Oh God, I hope it isn’t ripped to shreds. Though I’m not counting on winning. But wouldn’t it be great?!?

Okie, off to bed!