Writing Weekend…

I’m planning to do as much writing as possible this weekend. At minimum, I MUST finish the third chapter of Furious on the very outside chance I win the second round of the FFF hook contest. Ideally, I would prefer to finish SEVERAL more chapters. Thanks to the comments on my hook, I know that this particular idea is at least partially as unique and interesting as I (being the author) already hoped. Now I just need to put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get the first draft down so I can polish it as needed and start querying. Yay!

I’ve commissioned ‘s talented husband to create some art for my website, which I’m excited about. My current website is blah and boring, but that’s because I don’t plan to invest a bunch of money on it until such time as I’m published and actually making money off my writing. And can, you know, write it off! 😉 But I did want to get some pretty art made, if only for my own benefit. Whether or not the particular books the art is based off of ever get published, it will jazz up the website and be great eye candy. I’m excited to see what he comes up with based on my haphazard concepts and descriptions. *grin*

Speaking of , she and I have a tentative plan to try and get some word wars in over the weekend. Stop in off and on and try to catch us! =) Assuming you have time and interest, of course.


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