Word War Anyone?

I think I may log in to the FM Word Wars Chat Room tonight and see if anyone wants to war. I’ll prolly keep myself logged on for awhile until (if) someone shows up to war. And if nobody does, I’ll try and war with myself for at least an hour. I need some words! We were busy with mostly family stuff this weekend (we wanted to spend a lot of time together since husband was out of town the week of the 9th and then the baby was with my mother’s all last weekend).

We visited two different parks and walked 2 miles on trails each day. We love doing that! We have a nice Jeep jogging stroller so we can walk over any surface we want. We also took Zack over to the playground where he had his first ride on the baby swing, and LOVED running all over the mulch, falling and getting back up. He also made a little “girlfriend” who went down the double slide next to him (I was holding him and swooshing him down next to her). We got pictures and it was completely adorable! I’ll post some if I can remember, once husband uploads them.

So, if anyone wants to war a bit tonight, and is available, feel free to stop by! =) (And I will continue trying to NOT be twitchy waiting for my hook crit to be posted on FFF. It figures that the ones before AND after my number were posted in the first couple of batches! =) )


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