Furious Word Count Update…

So the loverly and I word warred for a total of 30 minutes tonight (3 sessions spread out over an hour or so) and I hit a total of 1k for the day. Not as much as I’d hoped, but since I’m a bit rusty at warring and I haven’t really outlined or plotted this one very extensively, I’ll take it! I’m planning to log on to the FM WW chat off and on this weekend in the hopes of getting a few more wars going. I’m also trying to remember to log on to Trillian so I can be available on yahoo messenger.

Current Furious Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,800 / 60,000

Not great, but not bad either!!! Since nobody else seems to be around (not complaining, mind you, I decided to do this on very short notice), and I haven’t been sleeping well, I’m off to bed now.


6 responses to “Furious Word Count Update…

  1. Fun!
    I had lots of fun and managed to get a scene churned out for 2YN. Yay! And for everyone else out there, come, join us! You know you want to. 😉