Word Warring…

Wondering if anyone’s interested in arranging a regular or semi-regular word war session. Maybe one day a week, or every other week, or a rotating schedule if that’s more convenient. I just miss warring with some of my good friends. I feel a bit…lonely…I guess. That probably sounds silly. Heh. Call me silly! If anyone’s interested, just let me know.

With that said, I am leaving shortly to go write. Gonna have dinner at a restaurant and write away in my notebook. Hoping to get a decent word count in tonight. Because I am very serious about having a writing career, and that requires BIC time and finishing books! And making each one better than the last…Duh, right? Heh.

Okie…so I’m gonna finish watching Shalom in the Home before I go. LOL…That Rabbi Schmoolie (I’m sure I’m mangling the spelling) is one smart, funny, charming guy. And my husband even likes this show!


8 responses to “Word Warring…

  1. I can’t guarantee a schedule, but I’d be up for it. Wednesdays and Thursday evenings are usually best for me (boyfriend has alternating plans those days), sometime between 7pm-10pm PST. I have no idea how that would work for you, though 😉

    • I was thinking we could tentatively schedule it, and then whoever can show up does, so that at least SOMEBODY is there. And of course, the more the merrier!
      Wednesdays don’t work for me now, I have class, but they will open up mid-May. Thursdays are great, however. And you’re 2 hours behind me, so that’s on the late side, but maybe we could start it like 8 my time (6 yours) and go a couple hours, so that you can hit at least some of it.
      I’m glad you two said yes. At least I know I’m not alone! 😉

      • I don’t even get home from work until 6:30 at the earliest and I need a little while to decompress and make something to eat, so I’d still not be able to join in until at least 7 PST, but if you’ll take me late, I can be late 🙂

      • That’s what I meant by you’d hit at least some of it. =) I’m not planning a strict scheduled thing. Just something semi-regular and semi-planned so that we can get people together on a somewhat regular basis.

      • Times
        Sounds like we’re all in different timezones.
        I can show up the earlier times. I believe 6PST is 9EST for me which is a good time for me. I’d probably only make it for an hour though, but an hour of warring is at least an hour more of words. 🙂
        Thursdays work fine for me. I also can generally do Any evening Monday through Friday so whatever is best for ya’ll, should be good. Fridays though I can stay up a bit later if that counts for anything.

      • Re: Times
        Sounds good! And maybe we can start doing impromptu ones on occasion again. I just stopped logging into FM chat cause it seemed like none of my friends were ever there warring anymore and I got tired of being the only one there. =)
        I’ll see if we hear from any others before trying to make a definite schedule.