Furious Progress…

I managed to handwrite 4 pages yesterday, no small feat considering it was a school night. I am halfway or more through Chapter Two, and the conflict’s heating up fast. Ahhh, good ole conflict. Nothing’s better than torturingtormenting–er, challenging your characters!

I am considering entering the hook for this one in the FF&F Hook contest. This is my rough draft query so far.

In Furious, my 60,000-word YA urban fantasy, Concordia Joy Holloway’s life is full of anything but peace and warm fuzzies.

Plenty of other girls hide tattoos from their parents, but Cori’s willing to bet most of theirs aren’t magical tats. None of them can inspire madness with a touch, or rip murderers limb from limb. Bare-handed. As an apprentice Fury, she can do all that–assuming she doesn’t lose herself to the raging thirst for vengeance that goes along with her Gift. Or Curse, as her mother calls it.

Cori’s a Tisiphone–one of the Furies responsible for solving magical murders and punishing those who commit them. She struggles to reconcile her peace-seeking personality with the more bloodthirsty aspects of her Calling. Not to mention hiding all things magical from her mother. But, as old Mrs. Malloy cackled in sixth period English, blood will out. Especially the uber powerful, super magical blood of demi-goddesses. When her fellow Fury, Nicole, is implicated in the grisly murder of her own mother, Cori is charged with bringing the killer to justice. Whether or not that means killing the best friend she’s ever had.

During the course of her investigation, Cori must learn to control her abilities–by embracing them fully. Only by getting Furious can she find the inner strength to forge her own path. Even if that means disappointing the mother she adores–or driving her best friend insane.

Current Wordcount for Furious:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,740 / 60,000

Hoping to get more words in today, either at lunch or at home. Baby willing!


3 responses to “Furious Progress…

  1. That sounds great – my only question that wasn’t answered is the world – is she a fury going to a regular school in our urban NY, or an alternate NY, or?

    • Ahh, good point. She actually lives in Salem, Mass (cause I’m trying not to set ALL my books in St. Louis where I live and I lived there for a year), but a lot of the magical stuff takes place in nearby Boston. She goes to school in Salem, but the aunt who trains her lives in Boston. I’ll see if I can work the setting in there somewhere.
      And thanks! I’ve got to make sure to finish chapters 2 and 3 this weekend on the off chance I win!

      • Oh, and it’s an “alternate” NY because I think(this hasn’t popped up in the world yet) a lot of people know about the magical world.