I toyed with posting something on this whole controversy yesterday, but didn’t really feel up to it, what with it being Monday and all. After seeing and hearing more about it on the television and radio this morning, I can’t hold back anymore. Click here to read about the Don Imus comments. And here. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am outraged on behalf of the black community because his comments were very much racist, whether he’ll admit it or not. But, even more, this enrages me as an example of straight out misogyny. You know, one of the last holdouts on acceptable (but contempible) discrimination.

I mean, come on. Do you think they would have made similar comments to these young ladies being “tough” or “hardcore” “hos” were they men? Hell no. They would have been applauded as fine, outstanding examples of damned good athletes. But since they’re women, instead of focusing on their actual athletic skills, talent, and hard work, let’s mock them or suggest that they’re somehow less than feminine. How else should we interpret “tough” and “hardcore” “hos”? (And man, do I HATE that word just on general principle. But that’s a whole ‘nother rant.) What ticks me off the most about this is people are barely even mentioning this whole issue. They’re almost exclusively focusing on the racist aspect of these ugly comments while ignoring the fact they’re flat-out, blatantly misogynistic.

Grr. And a 2-week suspension (apparently WITH pay) is like granting him a 2-week vacation. Put your (his) money where your mouth is and give him a punishment that’s actually a punishment. Or just be honest and admit you don’t think it’s a big deal, and nothing’s really going to change. In fact, this man’s ratings may very well go UP after all this is over, because that’s what shock jocks tend to do. Rant and rave and make asinine comments and then bask in the controversial glory and ratings boosts they inspire. And what does that say about the rest of us (America in general, I mean) that we keep on tuning in to misogynistic jerks like this?

Nothing I want to hear. That’s for damned sure.

I just hate that, in today’s supposedly more enlightened (ha) times, people can get away with being so blatantly misogynistic and nobody even calls them on it. We as women really need to get our acts together and start speaking out. Otherwise, we can’t complain when shit like this goes down. Or, at least, nobody really listens…


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