Do What?…

My mind is still boggling at the fact my county’s entire library system does not have ONE single Rachel Caine book. Of course, our county only has three libraries, compared to nearby St. Louis City and County which have a LOT more branches than that in their library system. I just put most of Scott Westerfeld’s YA books on hold and when I go in to pick them up I will have to talk to the reference desk about ordering some of Rachel’s books. Come on, people, get with the times. Rachel Caine’s books ROCK!!!

Hrm. I had every intention of writing once I got Zack settled down, and wouldn’t you know I went and left my notebook at work? And, of course, the latest 2 pages have not been inputted electronically yet. I will either see if I can finish the scene from memory and merge the two later, or work on plotting/world-building some more. I want to accomplish at least SOMEthing tonight, writing-wise!


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