Counting Chickens and Carts Before Horses…

…So the Claritin D stopped helping, or maybe never helped to begin with. I felt crappy all weekend, especially on Saturday. When we got home from visiting my grandparents and my mother/mother’s fiance (where the baby received lots of Easter gifts including 4(!) Easter baskets), I just crashed. Fell to sleep around 6:45 p.m. and didn’t wake up until almost 9:00 a.m. the next morning. I NEVER sleep that long these days except when I’m sick. Felt better that day, just very tired. We went to my best friend’s house for a low-key Easter dinner with a few of her family members, then came home so husband could pack for his business trip.

Yep, it’s just Zack and me from today until the wee hours Saturday. Well, actually, Zack’s going to my mother’s Friday evening, and I’m working overtime Saturday. Since Shawn gets home so early Saturday morning, I wanted to have someone watch Zack so he could get some sleep. I would want the same were our positions reversed!

I just special ordered Justine Larbalestier’s third book in her Magic or Madness trilogy from my local Borders. I’m majorly miffed they didn’t have it in store already as it came out not too long ago. Maybe that means it sold out quickly?!? That would be great for the author, just annoying for me. Anyway, I loved the first two books so much and keep forgetting to figure out how to log onto my library’s website to reserve the third one, so I thought I’d just run by Borders on the way home and pick it up. Ha. Like my luck’s that good! Anyway, I still went ahead and ordered it because I figure it’s good to support the author since I loved the first two so much. Plus it has the purdiest cover! (I (\/) butterflies, especially blue morphos!)

So, since I felt like crap, not much (any) writing was done over the weekend, but I feel much more human today (still stuffed-up, but still a lot better) so I hope to get some done tonight after feeding/playing with Zack. But I’m not going to promise anything–no need to count chickens or put carts before horses. 😉


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