YA Recommendations?…

I want to start doing some market research for YA, plus there are a bunch of YA books I’ve been meaning to read anyway, so I am running by the library tonight to pick some up. I’ve made a short list of books to look for tonight, but welcome any other recommendations folks might have. I prefer fantasies, urban fantasies, paranormals, but if there are any other just HAVE-to-reads in YA, I’m more than willing to give them a chance. (And, er, I’ve already read most of the Harry Potter series, so no need to recommend that one. 😉 ) The authors whose books I’m already planning to look for are:

Scott Westerfeld: His Uglies books and his Midnighters books.
Justine Larbalestier: Her Magic or Madness books.
Stephanie Meyer: Twilight and New Moon.
Holly Black: Ironside, Valiant, and Tithe
Charles DeLint: The Blue Girl (and whatever other books of his they have).
Rachel Caine: Glass Houses and The Dead Girls’ Dance.

So, any other already-released YA books that I simply MUST read? I’m hoping the library will have at least SOME of these! (P.S. I’m looking for relatively recent (within the past 10-20 years) releases. I read a ton of Christopher Pike and the like back in the 90’s, and of course I’ve read the classics such as Madeline L’engle and The Chronicles of Narnia.)


I am also planning to look for some purdy notebooks and pens tonight to help jump-start my creativity. I read a post (on Romancing the Blog I think) about longhand writing versus strictly PC writing, and I remember how much more prolific I was back in my notebook days. I’m thinking about trying to alternate notebook writing with my laptop, just to see if that helps me get more words in when I’m stuck. I really think it might! (I wrote a couple pages over the weekend, but that was it. Ugh!)


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  1. I find it helps to write longhand when I”m stuck, too. Though I’ve found the best thing for me is to write in some sort of journal that has designs on the pages. That way it already looks like the page has something on it, so you’re not staring at a blank page.
    Ahh.. the things we do to trick our brains into coughing up the writing.